Programme SC House

In our Sport Compass House there are daily interesting presentations and demonstrations about disabled sports and everything that comes with it.
In this Sport Compass House there are daily interesting presentations about disabled sports and all things involved. IPC, several NPC's, London Times 2012 (NL), revalidation centre de Hoogstraat (NL). coaches of national teams, sportsmen and -women and several related organizations will be present in the Sport Compass use.

Time Students Programme Tuesday August 28th
. Wednesday August 29th
10.45 p.m. Presentation Bas van Haren & Rinske de Jong (NOC*NSF)
11.30 p.m. Presentation Roelie Schuring (LOCOG)
12.15 a.m. Lunch
13.00 a.m. Presentation Jorge (Pan American Games)
13.45 a.m. Presentation Henk van Aller (Gehandicaptensport Nederland)
14.40 a.m. Short break
15.00 a.m. Presentation Wim Steen (NBB)
15.45 a.m. Presentation Jan van Weijen (Nederlandse Ambassade)
There will be demonstrations of different disabled (Paralympic) sports and everybody is free to join!

We are also proud to announce that Javier en Fausto from Mexico will be in our House to introduce and demonstrate a new item they developed whitin indoor cycling.

Last but not least zal het Sport Compass House will be a meeting place for everybody who is interested in disabled sports! Family and friends from sportsmen and -women, international fans, kids, students, everybody is welcome!

Fore more information you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

We will keep you up to date on the programme on this page!


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