About us


Our foundation aims to promote, support, guide and advise on (physical) disabled sport worldwide, within the sports technical and organizational domains. We follow a distinctive new concept, where local residents are directly involved in project planning worldwide. Sport Compass believes that sport makes people physically and mentally stronger and can make a significant rehabilitation and personal development. Sport Compass is innovative, creative, young, direct, involved and concerned! Over the last few years we have proved that you can reach more if you have a good and thoughtful plan. Through our creative and innovative approach we have already reached some useful goals. Not only being successful, also being valuable with a permanent character is a main focus. For several Paralympic disabled sports worldwide, from amateur to professional, we achieve new challenges and create new opportunities all the time. After three years Sport Compass is now ready for the next step and new challenges.


In the coming years Sport Compass will focus on the promotion of several disabled sports. Three main goals are:
1. To build/create sport centers worldwide
2. Organize and visit sport events at a local and international level
3. Educate sports instructors worldwide


Previously we gave all our attention and energy to the sports people, this year we are going to promote our own foundation as well. In June we obtained our own office within a school in the Netherlands, where we do our presentations, meetings, demonstrations and trainings. With a permanent team of dedicated people and collaborations with companies and educational organizations, new goals can be set quicker and achieved more effectively.


Next to promote the foundation, we need sponsors and materials to finance the projects that Sport Compass is starting up and supporting. Three of our upcoming projects are aimed on the Paralympics in London 2012:


Sport Compass House during the Paralympics
August 27th – September 9th
This will be a meeting place, in a school close to the ExCel Exhibition Centre, for Paralympic sportsmen, their families and friends. There will be demonstrations, presentations of Paralympic sports and several organizations involved with disabled sports will give information about the opportunities and possibilities in disabled sports.

Stepping from the Netherlands to London
August 25th – September 2nd
A team of experienced, non-experienced and disabled people (in this case people with bad sights or some even blind) will step from The Netherlands to London to promote Sport Compass. They show that integration of abled and disabled people in sports is possible. With this project they sponsor Sport Compass. The money will go to blind soccer in the Netherlands, which is still on a low level in our country. They will open the Sport Compass House in London and will do promotion activities during the Paralympics.

Supporting the USA sitting volleyball
August 18th – 26th
The USA Sitting Volleyball team is seen as one of the candidates for a gold medal during the Paralympics in London (silver in Beijing 2008, silver World Championship 2012). As final preparation for the Paralympics the ladies of the USA team will come to our office and training centre in the Netherlands (Spijkenisse). They will train, have exhibition games, and give demonstrations and presentations.


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